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RZR S 800 J2 Racing Edition


I have been interested in motor sports all of my life, and since building and since fabricating my first AATV (Adaptive All Terrain Vehicle) in 2007 I have been hooked and addicted to going riding and racing any chance I can get.

When I am in my AATV it makes me feel a sense of excitement, adrenalin, adventure, independence, control, and freedom that I have not felt since before his injury.

After four years of practicing my driving, riding, and racing with my XTV 150cc, and then GTR 250cc AATV's, I decided to pursue my dream and goal of buying a professional UTV racing buggy. In March of 2013 when fate and opportunity came, with help from family and a loan from the bank I purchased a Polaris RZR S 800cc truck with many racing modifications already added onto it. This vehicle is bigger, faster, stronger, and safer then the last two I have driven.

It took help from my best friend, brother in law, and a couple volunteers to convert and adapt this RZR so I can control it with my hands. We completed the project in April of 2014.  Ever since then I have been practicing my driving skills and I just started officially racing this summer. I will be in many other races and events in 2016 where I will be the only quadriplegic racer.

I am looking for Individuals, Businesses, and Companies to help Sponsor me with products, or help me financially with donations so I can pay back and afford all the things needed to make my racing dreams come true, and continue.

I would love to promote and advertise my supporters and sponsors on my personal website J2RollsOn.com, on the side doors of my new RZR, at the events and races I attend, in my daily life, and on my new documentry video coming out in Spring of 2016.

If there is something you, or someone you know that can please help me in anyway I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,
Letting the good times roll,
John Mryczko II

  Click Here to see J2's Sponsor Me letters and learn even more detailed information about him.

Click Here for more information on the RZR, and to see the current custom work already done, and even more being done to it to.

Click Here to Watch J2's Last Race durring the Midwest Cross Country Racing Series.

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If you are a Company or Business, or have other ways you would like to help please send an email to J2RollsOn@Gmail.com


  Tax Deductible Donations can also be made to Super Chairing.org, a 501c3 non profit Adaptive Action, Adventure, & Motor Sports Organization that helps athletes with high level injuries, and limited mobility just like me. 40% of all donations made there will be passed onto helping J2 Racing.
Please put a memo or message on your donation mentioning J2 Racing. Thank you!
Click this link to be taken to the SC donations page http://superchairing.org/donate.html