J2's Tattoo's


Since a very young age J2 has been fascinated with and loved tattoos for many reasons. He got his first tattoo on his 17th birthday of Felix the Cat juggling mice.  He got this tattoo for several reasons one was to represent a punk rock band and the other was to represent his playful side. He did not get a chance to get anymore tattoos before his SCI for several reasons but always wanted more.  It would be another 5 years after his SCI until he decided it was time for more ink.  The reason he waited was to try and get his arms that shrunk after his SCI bigger.  There was also the pain factor, due to his SCI J2's shoulders and biceps are very sensitive to the touch, something called "hyper sensitivity".  He was worried the pain was going to be much more intense, but could not sit around much longer and just think about it. In 2005 on his SCI anniversary he went in for a new tattoo.  He found out that the pain was more intense in some areas but the pain was worth it.  Since then he has been adding to his body art every year with 1-3 sessions of tattooing, 1 usually falling on his SCI anniversary.  Everything he gets or has gotten tattooed has deep meaning to him and represents parts of his life, his beliefs, his interests, and his loves in life.

Tattoo info:
Felix the cat: 1997 - 1 hour / BMXer: 2005 - 2 hours / Skate & Snowboarder: 2006 - 2.5 hrs
Checkered Racing Flags: 2006 - 2.5 hrs / Spinal Cord: 2007 - 2.5 hrs / Jester: 2007 - 2 hrs
Lightning, Smoke, Clouds, and Fill In left arm: 2007 - 6 hours / KMK Logo & Clouds: 08 - 4hrs
Super Chairing Logo: 2009 - 1 hr / ET UFO Space: 2009 - 7 hrs / Bio mecanical art: 2009 - 5hrs
Angel & Devil: 2010 - 4 hrs