VIPP Treatment at The Boom Boom Huck Jam


On August 13th 2008 J2 and two of his close friend’s Pat & Kristian spent the day VIPP style at the Boom Boom Huck Jam in Chicago. J2 was able to hang out and meet many professional action sports athletes he had been a fan of his whole life. Then there were those like Tony Hawk and Jesse Fristch who already knew J2 and were happy to see him again. J2 also had a chance to reunite with Kogi Kraft, a fellow biker he had ridden BMX with for quite some time before his injury.

The day was not only filled with action sports, but J2 was able to meet the future of radio Jason Ellis. Jason Ellis was the MC for the Boom Boom Huck Jam and continued to do his show while on the road. J2 was lucky and had a chance to be live on the air with Ellismate for most of his show. After the radio show it was time for the action sports show. The weather was not ideal and rained most of the day. The show was very close to being canceled, but just minutes from calling it the sky opened up and gave just enough time to put on a great show. J2 wants to thank everyone for being so cool and thanks to Ellismate for the VIP treatment.


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