J2 Meets Pro Skateboarder Tony Hawk


On March 17th 2008 J2 got a chance to meet legendary Pro Skateboarder Tony Hawk. Tony Hawk was in Chicago on business, but had to stop into Agent Skateboards mini pipe warehouse too see Tommy, a blind skater on the Agent team.

Just 3 weeks prior to Tony's visit J2 spoke with him on his Demolition radio show about ExtremeChairing.com and the stunts he performs. Two weeks after the call J2 was informed by a past skating buddy from Agent that Tony was going to be in town. Being invited to warehouse for the meeting J2 did not waste the opportunity to meet his childhood vert skating hero.

Tony Hawk arrived at the warehouse with his wife Lhotse Merriam, and co host Pro skater Jesse Fritsch. They shook a few hands and immediately became relaxed in the low key environment. Tony wasted no time and dropped into and skated the ramp just minutes after arriving. Tony and some of the Agent Team got to know each other during a 45 minute skate jam. It's unfortunate there was not a vert ramp to show the Hawks true potential, but he did rip some great tricks on the mini.


After the skate session Tony went with skating blind Tommy and did a one on one interview. When the interview was complete Tony signed different material some people brought in, and then took photos with everyone. Tony Hawk was a great sport and was totally down to earth. He may not remember this meeting forever, but most of the people there will never forget it.

J2 had this to say.
"Meeting Tony Hawk was awesome! He is a big reason why I started skateboarding at 10 years old. He was also a big influence on my passion for vert riding. I was only one of few that skated vert in Chicago back in the day. I sooooo would of loved to get out of this chair, grab a board and busted out my skills during the session. I guess for now I can only dream and imagine of skating again someday. Tony remembered speaking to me on the air, and was surprised to see me. Just shows that sometimes its a small world. Hope we can meet and hang out again someday, but next time in sunny California."