Rollin in Poland 2008

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On 8-20-2008 J2 left for his Rollin in Poland vacation and promotional tour. It was not J2’s first time visiting Poland, but it was the first time since his Spinal Cord Injury. His last visit was 16 years ago when he was 12 years old. On this trip he made the 5000 mile journey with his younger 22 year old sister Marta, and his mom Halina. J2’s cousin Monica and uncle Jas who were from Poland were also on the trip and returning after a short U.S.A. visit. The 9 hour flight went fine and J2 seemed more comfortable then the other passengers due to his experience of sitting for such long periods of time.

Hours whiten getting to his uncle’s house, family and friends showed up to greet there USA family.  That day was just the beginning. In the 3 weeks J2 was in Poland he had seen 50 family and friends that he had not seen in 16 years.  He also had a chance to meet over 50 new family and friend members.

J2 was able to spend lots of time outside and enjoy a little of the country life. When the


sun went down J2 with his cousins and friends would hit the town and go to various clubs. J2 was able to meet plenty of new people and showed them that a guy with wheels can really get his roll on. Many people in Poland have never seen anyone in a wheelchair, let alone seeing them out on the dance floor.

J2 was able to visit 3 large cities in Poland, Rzeszow, Warsaw, and Krakow. Every where he went he would promote by handing out fliers, and talking to people. He informed many people about spinal cord injury, and even had a chance to inspire a few. He was also able to visit a rehab in Warsaw and talk with a few wheelchair users.

Overall the trip went great. J2 passed out over 1000 fliers and had changed hundreds of people’s view on someone with a spinal cord injury.  There were many times and places such as stores, hotels, restaurants, bars, or clubs where things were not accessible. Such things as stairs or 1 simple step was very common and a wheelchair problem. Poland has not yet made any accessibility laws such as the ADA act in the USA. Despite the obstacles with a little help, or a lift J2 was able to get in and out of most places.

Not only did people learn and get information about SCI and adaptive sports, but they also got the message that life rolls on, and to let the good times roll.


J2 had this to say:

“I had a wonderful time in Poland, and it was also great to see and meet family and friends.  The parties and nights out at the clubs were fantastic. I met many people who have never met someone living life in a wheelchair.  I hope those people I met will remember me, and not be afraid or discouraged to talk once again with someone in a wheelchair. Poland is a very beautiful and peaceful place, but it is a hard place to live for someone in a wheelchair. I am sure with time things will change.  As much as I loved it out there, as the saying goes “there is no place like home”. I will not wait another 16 years before I will return to Poland, I will make the trip again in 2-5, hopefully without my wheelchair. We will see what the future brings. Love to all of my family & friends in Poland.”

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