These are a few different mentions of Extreme and J2, as well as some phone appearances J2 has had on the future of radio, The Jason Ellis Show.
Caution: Radio broadcast may have some vulgar language. Rated R
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Sirius Satellite radio MC & Professional skateboarder Jason Ellis gives Extreme Chairing a on air plug. June 2007

Jason Ellis, also know as "Ellismate" has been a professional skateboarder for over 10 years. He is one of only a hand full of the best skateboarders in the world. He is not only a skateboarder, but also one of the best and most entertaining radio MC's in the business. Ellis Mate has his own show on Sirius satellite radio found on the (28)Faction channel. On Friday July 20th Ellis Mate received a myspace message from disabled action sports athlete J2. The message spoke about Extreme Chairing and the adaptive action sports featured on the web site. The message also mentioned and talked about Pro BMX rider Stephen Murray's recent spinal cord injury, and the risks all action sports athletes take for the love of the sport.
Ellis Mate mentioned and gave a plug out to the Faction listeners all over the planet about Extreme Chairing. We at EC were all very stoked and excited, and appreciate Ellis Mate's help on spreading the word about adaptive action sports. We hope to keep in contact with Ellis Mate and hope he's willing to spread the word about Extreme Chairing someday again. Thanks Ellis you f*%king rock.
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      J2 on Sirius Radio with Jason Ellis & TJ Lavin on 8-9-07        
      On August 9th 2007, J2 was able to get on the air with Jason Ellis & guest host Pro BMX rider and music artist TJ Lavin. They were able to speak briefly about J2's love for action sports. They also spoke about Stephen Murray who was recently injured with a SCI during a BMX event.        
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J2 on Ellismate's show on 9-5-07

      On September 5th J2 was once again able to get on the air with Jason Ellis from Sirius Satellite Radio. They spoke about jason's latest infection after being tattooed two weeks ago. J2 was also able to mention Trail Ride 2007 on the air, before he and Ellis spoke about stem cell research and President Bush's lack of interest to help cure paralysis.        
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J2 on Ellismate Show speaking with beautiful and famous tattooist Kat Von D, and Bad Religion guitarist Greg Henston.
9 - 26 - 07

      On this show Ellismate had his regular weekly "Greatest" game day. This weeks topic happen to be "Greatest heavy set person". Someone had called into nominate Penthouse creator Larry Flint. Joking around Ellismate said "he cant be nominated he cant get an erection because he is paralyzed". After hearing this on the radio J2 had to call into the show and set things straight. He also got a chance to speak to his favorite female tattoo artist, the beautiful Kat Von D. He also spoke to a guitarist he has been listening for over 10 years, Greg Henston from Bad Religion.        
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  J2 writes email to Jason Ellis and it is read by the Illusionist.
12 - 20 - 07
On this show Jason Ellis displayed his disappointment in Rockstar. A manufacture of energy drinks that at one point was interested in sponsoring the future of radio Ellismate, but then dropped the deal unexpectedly. J2 also with hard times finding supportive sponsors felt his anger and disappointment decided to write Ellismate an email. The email was read during the show by his intern the Illusionist.
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Illusionist from the Jason Ellis Show on Faction called J2 to talk about the launching of 1-25-08

On Friday 1-25-08 the Ellismate show started off with a take over of the studio by Mayhem Miller and Ellismate. Two days prior to this show Ellismate got into a argument with ceo Will Pandarvis. On Friday Ellismate and Mayhem made everyone think that Ellis was being fired, so they decided to take over the studio.

One hour into the show J2 received a call from Ellis's assistant the Illusionist. J2 was on the air with Ellismate and Mayhem speaking about the new web site and about building the X Chair.
Ellismate also found a new voice effect and created Awesome World, and asked J2 to join him in Awwwesome World.

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      The Jason Ellis Show calls J2 to speak about the latest 2008 updates on 2-18-08    
      On Monday 2-18-08 J2 spoke with Jason "Ellismate" Ellis and his co host on Mondays, UFC fighter Mayhem Miller. They spoke about the recent big updates on the worlds largest action and adventure sports web site, Extreme, created and run by J2.
They also briefly spoke about J2's 2008 Rollathone which is 200 miles and will take 7 days to complete.
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J2 does a on air phone appearance on the Ellismate Show 1 day before his 9 year SCI anniversary. 6-2-08

J2 who is a periodic phone guest on the Ellismate show spoke on air on Monday 6/2, one day before his 9 year SCI anniversary. J2 was put on the air right after "Monkey Business" a segment on the show. This monkey business was about the newest in micro chip technology being inserted into monkey’s brains which let them control robotic arms by thought. This technology may someday be used to help paralyzed people. Once on air J2 spoke about his upcoming 9 year SCI anniversary. They also spoke about ladies in wheelchairs, and the upcoming PWRA events. J2 also mentioned his new sponsor MK Battery as well as his sponsor Frog Legs. J2 being the Joker he is couldnt resist cracking a funny with a clip recording of sexy pro snowboarder's voice Tara Dakides.

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