Professional and legendary vert skateboarder Tony Hawk has his own radio show that airs on Tuesdays on Sirius satellite radio on The Faction channel. J2 has been on the show several times as a phone guest, and has also had the opportunity to meet Tony Hawk. Check out a few of the recorded phone appearances J2 has had on Demolition Radio.              
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J2 talks with Tony Hawk about his recent Rollin in Poland adventure.

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J2 Talks to Tony Hawk and Jesse Fritsch about his 201 mile and
33 hour wheelchair Rollathon across the Illinois state.


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J2 called into Tony Hawks show and spoke about his 9 year SCI anniversary. He talked about the the action sports he was involved in before his injury, and spoke about how life has changed since his SCI. He made it clear that life does not stop after such a devastating injury it just changes. Summer being prime SCI season J2 told all the kids listening to be care full during summer, and not to do anything too wild and crazy.

Tony Hawk, and Jesse Fritsch spoke about there visit to Chicago on 3-17-08, and how great it was to meet each other. They hope to hang out again when there back in Chicago for the Boom Boom Huck Jam.

Unfortunately we do not have audio of J2's phone appearance on 6/3 due to tech problems. If you would like to hear J2's first appearance on Demolition Radio click bellow.



Tony mentioned Chairing athlete Aron Fotheringham so J2 decided to call into the show to tell Tony about Extreme Chairing.com the worlds largest adaptive action adventure sports website. J2 also talked briefly about the Chairing he performs and about that 200 mile Rollathon he is going to do this year.

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