SCUBA Diving

In December 2011, Super Chairing president and action adventure enthusiast, John "J2" Mryczko, together with his girlfriend and Super Chairing director Joanna Mikosz, took a trip to the tropical, sunny island of Cozumel, Mexico for a scuba diving adventure with Diveheart. Diveheart is a nonprofit organization which assists individuals with disabilities to scuba dive. Check out this video that shows a full typical day of SCUBA diving in Cozumel Mexico. For full story, photos, and more information Click Here
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  On September 6th 2010 John J2 Mryczko together with his two good friends Mike and Pete drove down to Kankakee Illinois where they went to the Haigh Quarry, a man made sort of lake filled with fish, sunken boats, artifacts, and even a army truck. J2 met Jim Elliott there who is the president of "Diveheart" a nonprofit organization that helps and assists people with disabilities experience the underwater world with SCUBA. After a short explanation of the SCUBA equipment given by Jim J2 and his friends geared up and headed to the water. The weather was beautiful and the water was at a great temperature. After getting into the water everyone was taught on how to use the equipment, breath properly, and how to clear and reinsert the regulator underwater in case of it accidently coming out. After about 15 minutes everyone descended under the water and explored the beginner section of the Haigh Quarry. They swam along several different types of fish and saw several underwater artifacts. After being under water for 35 minutes and reaching a depth of 25 feet they all came back up to the surface together. Overall J2 and his friends had a great time and have plans to SCUBA many more times and even get certified. There are also plans for J2 to dive in Cozumel Mexico next spring with Diveheart.

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