Back in the Day


J2 was involved in action sports for 10 years before his SCI. He started jumping bikes off home made ramps at the age of 7 and at age 10 started BMX racing. He raced BMX for 2 seasons and then transitioned to freestyle BMX trick riding at age 12. When he was 13 he started skateboarding, and one year later at 14 he added a third sport into his life called snow boarding.

At age 17 he started climbing and repelling bluffs, buildings, and mountains. He practiced, participated, and competed in all 4 sports and activities on a regular and full time basis up in till his injury at 19. If not for his injury his plans were to start freestyle motocross riding just a few months away. His plan and dream of moving to California, becoming pro in 1 or all the sports he loved never got a chance to happen.

Length 3:01