Rollathon 2008 / Roll J2 Roll


In 2002 J2 rolled 80 miles from his home across the Wisconsin border to Lake Geneva. He had a goal to beat that distance and he sure did by over double after his roll across the Illinois state 2008. J2 has always pushed boundaries before and since his SCI, but at times this adventure almost seemed like a never ending one.  With miles of dangerous traffic congested roads, miles of empty baron roads, and intense heat there were times J2 doubted himself but continued to roll on and finish his goal and journey. After 6 rolling days, 33 rolling hours, and 201 rolled miles  J2 crossed the Mississippi river state line into Davenport Iowa. Checkout this short video called "Roll J2 Roll" that was all filmed during his Rollathon across the Illinois state in 2008.

Length: 6 minutes

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